Placing an implant changes the shape of the gap because the implant is shaped differently than a natural tooth.

Due to the new shape of the interdental spaces, round interdental brushes cannot remove the bacteria up to the implant neck. There is a risk that pathogenic bacteria will cause inflammation around the implant, despite careful interstitial care. If the inflammation persists, the bacteria begin to break down the bone. This disease is called peri-implantitis. In the worst case, the implant will be lost over time.

To prevent the loss of implants, we have developed the world's first non-round interdental brush. The bristles are extended on one side in such a way that they are optimally adapted to the changed shape of the gap. In this way, the IMPLiX completely eliminates the bacteria up to the implant neck.

The shape of the IMPLiX is a real innovation. It is the first interdental space brush with a non-round brush. Only a non-round shape makes it possible to completely remove the bacteria up to the implant neck, in order to enable the long-term preservation of the implant.