• Why isn't a toothbrush enough to keep your teeth healthy?

    A toothbrush only reaches about 4% of the bacteria in your mouth. Their bristles do not get into the spaces between the teeth or into the fissures (valleys of the molars).

  • Why interdental brush and not dental floss?

    The interdental space is structured like a bulbous bottle (see picture). A dental floss cannot reach the extreme places. However, an interdental brush of the right size will fill in the interdental space and reach all of the bacteria.

  • How often should I use the interdental brushes a day?

    Cleaning the spaces between your teeth once a day is enough. It takes 24 hours for bacteria to collect enough to make your teeth sick.

  • Does my oral hygiene affect my overall health?

    The bacteria in the mouth that are not removed are not only responsible for caries and periodontal disease, but also have an impact on the entire organism. They increase the risk of many diseases:

  • Stroke: 2x increased

  • Cardiovascular disease: 2x increased

  • Diabetes: 2 to 11 fold increased

  • Respiratory diseases: increased 2 to 4 times

  • Prematurity: 4 to 8 times increased

  • Osteoporosis: 2 to 4 times increased

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