• Why are our interdental brushes sustainable?

    The health of our customers and the health of our planet are equally important to us. At TOOX, we have made it our task to get everything that is currently possible in terms of sustainability out of our products, such as our interdental brushes.

    For us, this means paying people along our value chain fairly, reducing plastic to a minimum and producing CO2-neutrally. In all of this, we want to be as transparent as possible for our customers.

    Our philosophy: Do better be better.

  • Oral hygiene and the resulting health of our bodies is extremely important, but we should not use products that are made from crude oil and live longer on the earth than we humans do.

    Unfortunately, German waste management is not designed for the recycling of bio-based plastics, our sustainably produced interdental brushes unfortunately have to be disposed of in the residual waste.

    Sustainability is on everyone's lips and many companies pretend to produce in an environmentally conscious manner or to be particularly involved in the topic. After just a few queries to such companies, you quickly realize that they have not even defined the word “sustainable” for themselves and that green washing is only practiced superficially. We want to stand out from the crowd with our dental care products such as our interdental brushes and initially thought about the problems of our time. Globally we are faced with inequality (1 percent of the population owns 50 percent of the world's wealth), impending climate change (we are producing more and more greenhouse gases) and the garbage problem (we only recycle a fraction of the plastic we use every day). As a company, we therefore see it as our duty to pay fairly along our value chain, to produce CO2-neutrally and to reduce plastic to a minimum. Our consumption has far-reaching effects. Together with Yook we create a CO2 transparency and possibilities of compensation.

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