• Why is it important to use the right size?

    The pictures illustrate why it is important to use the optimal size for your interdental spaces. If the brush is too small, you won't get everywhere and the bacteria won't be completely removed. If the brush is too big, there is a risk of injury.

  • Matching brush

  • too small brush

Step by step to your right size

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Find your right size at home with the
Videos + enter it in the following tooth chart .

Order your suitable sizes and keep
your teeth healthy.

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    Tipps zur Größenermittlung von Deinen toox Zahnzwischenraumbürsten

      • We know that there are many interdental brushes on the market. Why should you choose our sustainable STiX? Here are a few good reasons:

      • 9 overlapping sizes

        They come in nine overlapping sizes. There is the right size for each of your interdental spaces.

      • Ergonomic design

        The handles are ergonomic and suitable for every hand, whether big or small, narrow or wide.

      • Gentle & thorough

        The brush heads clean gently but thoroughly and easily reach tight spaces in the upper or lower jaw thanks to their flexible material.

      • Good distinction

        The colored handles and embossed numbers make it easy for you to tell the STiX apart.

      • materials

        The interdental brushes are made of non-toxic materials. The handles are made from organic plastic and the brush head is made from plant-based castor oil.

      • Packaging

        We also focus on climate protection when it comes to packaging and transport: Our STiX are sent in cardboard boxes made of grass paper and are climate-neutral.

      • carbon footprint

        We transparently show you the carbon footprint of your order and give you the option of offsetting it.

      • Plastic Bank


        With your order you support the Plastic Bank in their important work.